Tacoma’s Northwest Detention Center

Tacoma’s Northwest Detention Center

Bond Hearings

Our immigration attorney has been doing immigration bond hearings at the Tacoma Detention Center for years and will work with you to secure the lowest immigration bond possible!

"I have a relative detained at the detention center. How can I get them out?"

A foreign national may be kept in custody, released on bond for a minimum of $1500, or released on conditional parole into the community. Immigration Bond is set by an immigration judge at the Tacoma Detention Center. The amount is based on whether the immigration judge believes the detainee will appear for court (if he or she is released) and whether the detainee poses a danger to the community. Immigration bond amounts increase based on the immigration judge's determination of a detainee's flight risk and danger to the community. 


There are some detainees who are ineligible for bond: "Persons Subject to Mandatory Detention"

 Foreign nationals with certain types of criminal history or subject to mandatory detention, which means they cannot be released pending removal proceedings, even if they are permanent residents. Pursuant to INA236(c)(1), the following persons are subject to mandatory detention:

  • Those who are inadmissible by reason of having committed any offense covered in INA212(a)(2) (criminal inadmissibility grounds)

  • Those who are deportable by reason of having committed any offense covered in INA237(a)(2)(A)(ii) (Multiple crimes of moral turpitude), 237(a)(2)(A)(iii) (Aggravated felonies), 237(a)(2)(B) (Controlled substances), 237(a)(2)(C) (Certain firearms offenses), or 237(a)(2)(D) (miscellaneous espionage and sabotage crimes).

  • Those who are deportable under INA 237 (a)(2)(A)(i) (one Crime involving moral turpitude) If the individual was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of at least one year.

  • Those who are inadmissible under INA 212(a)(3)(B) (terrorist activities) Or deportable under INA237 (a)(4)(B) (terrorist activities). After passage of the Real ID Act, 45 which expanded the definitions of"Engaged in terrorist activity" and "terrorist organization," As well as background of deportability at INA 237(a)(4)(B), More individuals potentially are subject to removal, and thus, mandatory detention, under these grounds.

Individuals who fall under these mandatory detention provisions must be taken into detention when released from their criminal sentence on parole, supervised release, or probation.

Moreover, person subject to mandatory detention still may be released if the AG decides that release from custody is necessary to provide protection to a witness or potential witness, a person cooperating with an investigation into a major criminal activity, or an immediate family member of such person. However, before any release takes place the AG must also decide that person subject to mandatory detention will not pose a danger to the safety of other persons or property, and are likely to appear for any scheduled proceeding.

Other detainees who are ineligible for immigration bond-Arriving aliens

The immigration judge also does not have jurisdiction to consider release from detention for arriving aliens in removal proceedings. Arriving aliens are those applicants for admission who are either trying to enter the United States at a port of entry or are interdicted at sea and brought the United States.

Other foreign nationals in custody and subject to INA 240 proceedings, besides arriving aliens and those subject to mandatory detention, may request custody redetermination hearings (bond hearings) before the immigration judge. This includes individuals, other than arriving aliens, who initially were placed in expedited removal but who subsequently passed credible fear interviews and replaced in removal proceedings.

Tacoma’s Northwest Detention Center

Tacoma’s Northwest Detention Center

Paying Bond

We won bond! Now What?

To post an immigration bond for a detainee, you must:

*be 18 years or older

*have a valid Government issued photo ID

*have an acceptable form of payment (see below)

Acceptable forms of payment: cashier's check or US postal money order.

*no cash, personal checks, personal money orders, only money orders.

*if you work with an immigration bond agent, they will pay the bond directly to ICE.


(companies who may be able to help you pay the bond set by an Immigration Judge)

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Action Immigration Bonds

Gonzalez Immigration Bond Service


*this list is not exhaustive, nor does our law office endorse or recommend any of the listed companies. 

For more bond companies, web search "immigration bond companies"